Low Carbon and Sustainable Business Index (LCSi) Principle



Policy framework of the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (B.E. 2560 – 2564) on promotion of green production, green investment, and employment generation aims to move Thailand forward to environmentally friendly economy and society, to promote development of Green Supply Chain or Green Value Chain of entrepreneurs and increase their adaptive capacity in business operation against Trade Protectionism Measures at present and in the near future.

Industrial and business sectors shall respond to this policy by increasing their productivity and capacity in utilizations of resources and energy effectively, including reducing GHG emissions and environmental impacts from their own businesses. Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) or TGO has continuously developing and supporting all sectors in order to reduce GHG emissions through various certification mechanisms, for instance, Carbon Labels (Carbon Footprint of Product, Carbon Footprint Reduction of Product, CoolMode, and Carbon Footprint of Organization); Carbon Credits issuance of Thailand Voluntary Emissions Reduction (T-VER) programme; Low Emissions Support Scheme (LESS); and Carbon Offsetting programme. These mechanisms have been widely acceptable from all relevant sectors and they could reduce their GHG emissions together with obviously reduce the country emissions. Moreover, these schemes could be integrated together, such as the Carbon Footprint of Organization could be further developed to the Carbon Offsetting programme.

Consequently, TGO has developed the “Low Carbon and Sustainable Business Index or LCSi” for evaluating business sectors which operate for GHG management in compliance with country’s SDGs and Low-Carbon targets. They will be good role models for other businesses and should be announced prestige for their responsibility, and also build up partnership for low carbon and sustainable business to enhance Thailand’s business standards for sustainability in the future.


To evaluate the organizations who have business operation in line with low carbon and sustainability as well as to acknowledge the sustainable organizations as role models for the others.

Expected outcomes and further applications:

  1. Obtains the sustainable evaluation rules for organization as an indicator of low carbon and sustainable business appropriate for Thai context;

  2. Results of the LCSi evaluation could reward the business who have remarkable business operation;

  3. Promote low carbon and sustainable business network to enhance sustainable standards for Thai business and become role models of other business in the future.

LCSi Evaluation Principle:

By definition, low carbon and sustainable business means the business who have awareness on Climate Change and determine to apply managerial mechanisms to cope with GHG emissions effectively and consider on balancing of the 3 dimensions of sustainability which are Economy, Environment, and Society.


Sustainability Dimensions:


Core indicators and weighting of score of each dimension are identified as follows;

Qualification of evaluated organization;

Level of LCSi evaluation: 

   1. Organization must have Annual Report of Sustainability Report publically disseminate in the period as stated in the rules and indicators of TGO.

  2. Organization must have no any complains or sues in the period as stated in the rules and indicators of TGO.  

Process of LCSi evaluation and timeframe:


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